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From A to Z in the Hospitality Consultancy.

We all know that there are hospitality consultants and those they may add knowledge in the industry to any hotel business, but we frequently are unsure of whether to utilize them or what they can specifically accomplish for our hotel operations. We believe that we frequently overload our already overburdened hospitality employees with heaps of work, adding fuel to the fire. True hospitality consists of giving the best of yourself to your guests and Hotel Solutions offers the best hospitality consulting management services.
Hospitality management involves overseeing the administrative tasks of a hotel or resort. Your goal as a hospitality manager is to ensure your hotel is warm, welcoming, and makes guests feel like they're at home.

- What Hospitality Consultants Do?

Your team can work with consultants to solve complicated problems, frequently moving more quickly and accurately than you might be able to do on your own. Additionally, there are situations when external pressure and attention can hasten business transition.

- Here are some of the main engagements that consultants take on:
  • 01Financial consulting.
  • 02 Revenue management
  • 03 Technology
  • 04Information Technology
  • 05 Marketing
  • 06 Management Consulting

Financial consulting: Financial consultants contribute their financial expertise to develop financial models for projects that are being considered, assess new development deals, produce financial reports for existing properties, create regulatory compliance processes, and perform forensic book audits to ensure that everything is legal. Instead of being full-time, financial advisors may offer fractional services to smaller properties and hotel chains, such as accounting and bookkeeping for a predetermined number of hours each month. These consultants frequently have degrees in accounting and years of experience working in the hospitality industry. A hospitality finance consultant can work on projects like annual reports, fractional accounting and bookkeeping, financial feasibility studies for new developments, perform in-depth market analyses and act as a liaison between hotel management and the owners of the underlying real estate assets.

Revenue management: Revenue management consultants can either be independent or part of a larger agency. These consultants do a variety of things, from strategic revenue planning for the year ahead to daily revenue management activities, such as analyzing forecasts, setting rates, monitoring parity, and reporting on revenue performance. Independent properties and those looking to leverage the benefits of Revenue management without hiring a full-time resource are ideally suited to revenue management consultants. Consider a consultant for projects like strategic revenue planning, developing a distribution and channel strategy and setting a pricing strategy.

Technology: Technology experts direct you toward the best software and hardware choices, helping you create a tech stack that integrates seamlessly and prepares your business for the future. A technology consultant can offer the direction and implementation help needed to make sure, for instance, that new properties' central reservation systems and property management systems communicate with one another without any issues. Additionally, you might want to hire a technology consultant to assess technologies for both new and old properties, to oversee an RFP procedure for new hotel technology, to oversee the implementation of an entirely new tech stack, or even to develop a training programmer that maximizes technology use throughout your business. For change management initiatives, in which an existing property totally overhauls all of its technology, outside technology experts are frequently also called in.

Information Technology: There are two areas where hospitality Information Technology consultants provide value: systems planning, or designing your infrastructure in a way that is scalable, secure and compliant and ongoing maintenance and support, or ensuring that your IT infrastructure continues to operate as expected and is upgraded according to the latest standards.
IT Consultants are most often employed during reopening, large-scale technology infrastructure refreshes, and in an ongoing fashion once a property is open. A consultant in hospitality information technology works on tasks including enhancing property connectivity, overseeing Wi-Fi networks, preserving cyber security, and essentially any task that affects the hotel's infrastructure. The main distinction between a hotel technology consultant and a hotel IT consultant in this case is that the former places more of an emphasis on infrastructure and hardware than on the interoperability of software and systems.
It goes without saying that there are overlaps and exceptions, but this is the overall breakdown.

Marketing: A hotel marketing consultant handles all digital marketing aspects of a hotel’s demand generation efforts. This includes creating a strategy built around an individual property’s goals, starting from audience segmentation and moving to channel selection, ad copy creation and finally executing strategy across all chosen channels. The consultant will then analyze performance and adjust tactics. Once each campaign concludes, analysis and insights will be rolled into the next marketing push to continuously optimize a hotels digital marketing performance.

Management Consulting: The best experts in the business, hospitality management consultants help hotels with issues like managing change, streamlining operations, and generally boosting their overall health and profitability.
Management consultants are rarely employed at smaller properties due to the extensive length of the job and the intense nature of the project. These are the big guns, called in to address difficult problems that have a significant impact on productivity and profitability.
Design growth strategies, improve hiring and retention, enter new markets with a solid go-to-market strategy, promote employee productivity, develop operational plans to save costs and increase profitability are just a few of the projects management consultants work on.

“We at Hotel Solutions generate new ideas for customer incentives and accommodation or business packages and other sales and marketing duties tailored made as per client requirement. ”

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